Reminders and Notifications

Reminders and Notifications 

To open reminders and notifications module, click the reminders and notifications icon from your app home screen.

It will open up the homescreen for reminders and notifications module. 

It will show you all the sent reminders and pending reminders along with an option to create a new reminder. 

Clicking on the filter icon will bring up the search pop up menu.

The search results will show on the next screen.

To clear the search results and return to the reminders and notifications home screen click cross next to ‘filtered results’

From the homescreen clicking the “pending only” icon will show the reminders set for any future dates.

These can be deleted here by clicking the cross sign.

You will also be able to edit the pending reminders by clicking them, updating them and pressing ‘update and set reminder’ button.

From the reminders and notifications module home screen, click the ‘add’ button to create a new reminder .

It will open up a new screen to create reminder. You can add the title, text and image for the reminder.

The default settings for sending the reminders are current date and 5 minutes after the present time.  You can change both of these settings on the same screen

Reminders can be sent to a specific customer or a group of customers.

All reminders will show as pending till sent.