Are you juggling with phone, SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected to your customers? Let Business CONNECT app take the hassle away and deliver your messages straight to your clients’ devices on a dedicated user connect app. No more SMS and Call charges. Save money and time with Connect. Your customers, clients or patrons will be two clicks away, no matter where in the world they are as long as they have internet connectivity.

Business Connect app’s communication module provides valuable features our competitors lack for internal communication. It allows your staff to be organized by their roles and their departments. Empower your staff with Connect for your internal communications and make managing group communications simple.

It serves as a perfect place to address your customers’ communication needs, strategize with your team, and distribute necessary documents. So whether it is one to one or group chats with colleagues based on their roles and departments or talking to your customers, enjoy the seamless flow of communication with Connect.